Training & Certification

Training is one of the most beneficial ways to maintain your company’s competitiveness. As a prime opportunity to boost the knowledge base of your team, it also lets you develop your employer brand, increase employee engagement, and attract new business opportunities.

At Enfina Security, we know that to stand apart from your competitors, ongoing training is critical for your staff. That’s why our competence development programs, which conclude with a globally recognized certification from our Canadian partner PECB , are designed to suit and challenge everyone - from frontline staff to experienced executives.

With the increasing importance of information security in customer requirements, along with new legal and regulatory requirements that must be met, businesses are prioritizing the protection of data. Companies across all industry verticals are now introducing and operating an information security management system (ISMS) in accordance with the requirements of DIN ISO/IEC 27001 (ISO 27001) .

Enfina Security will support your company with customized training that helps your employees to navigate the ISMS process. This will position your company as a competent market player in the competition for customers who have an increased interest in the responsible handling of information.

Now is the time to show customers and business partners that the trust placed in your company is justified. And this starts by equipping your employees with the necessary skills, development, and most importantly, certification.

Our training and coaching offers address the growing need for qualified and certified employees in information security. If you’re striving to become a company of the new information age, then Enfina Security will help you to meet your goals.

In parts, our trainings are centered on the transfer of professional content. Keeping up to date and exchanging experiences are further essential components of a successful training. Therefore, participation in conferences and the exchange with professional colleagues is absolutely essential for us.