Identity & Access Management

Access to your data, intellectual property and systems should not be compromised;
protection should discreet but your assets kept safe!

Information Security

The security of your assets (systems, processes, data, intellectual property and people) and the reputation of your company
helps secure your competitive advantage; don’t leave it to chance!

Training and Certification

We provide competence development programmes to ensure that you not only receive
the right tools and approaches but also the skills so you can succeed


Auditing is a strategic management tool identifying areas requiring attention;

it enables you to undertake corrective actions and improvements

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Enfina Security interfaces with specialists from around Europe. Our team of experts, with their combined individual abilities and many years of experience secures success and helps you acheive your goals.

Our Core Competencies

Our core competences are Identity & Access Management and Information Security.

Additionally we offer support and advice in the area of Segregation of Duties

What´s More

What´s more, we offer professional training including certification.

For our customers we provide guidance to the external auditors performed by our independent auditors.

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